Damages & Claims

Storm Damages & Insurance Claims

Midwestern weather can be unpredictable – but our technicians are always on standby to address any surprises that come your way. With a swift response time and proven experience working with homeowners insurance, Saint Louis Residential Roofing is your first line of defense against storm damages that threaten the safety and security of your home.

We take on the weight of repairing your roof, sorting out all of the complications of filing an insurance claim and working with an adjuster. You meet with us once – from there, we take care of the rest.

Types of Storm Damage

If nature has been at its worst, it’s time to make sure your roof is at its best. A burst of wind or a smattering of hail can quickly damage exterior roofing, flashing, gutters and siding – leaving you at risk of having larger problems down the line.

Some common storm damages include:

An image of damaged shingles near a gutter downspout as a demonstration of storm damage.

Water Damage

Rain and ice can seep through even the smallest cracks in your shingles. If we don’t get to it quickly, this type of damage can lead to more severe problems like rot and mold.
Clay roof shingles with hail storm damage and hail collecting in the crevices.

Hail Damage

Hail storms can leave holes in your shingles or cracks in your siding. This type of damage is difficult to identify and requires a professional examination. A quick inspection by one of our certified roofing specialists can tell if the damage requires repairs.
A roof with wind storm damage, with shingles peeled back from the roof in layers.

Wind Damage

High-speed winds can easily tear shingles off of a roof, leaving an insufficient barrier between your home and the elements.

Insurance Claims Specialists

After a storm blows past, homeowners like you often fall into one of four categories:

  1. You are unaware of the damage, or that you are eligible to receive an inspection and adjustment from your insurance carrier.
  2. You are aware there may be damage, but haven’t begun the insurance adjustment process.
  3. You are aware of the damage and plan to have your roof adjusted.
  4. You have already received an adjustment and now have a check in hand or are currently in the process of negotiating a settlement

Our Project Managers are insurance claims specialists who can help you navigate the process with your insurance carrier, no matter the stage you fall under. 

Your Advocates in the Claim Process

Within hours of your call, our Project Manager will arrive to perform an inspection. They’ll determine if your home has damage that qualifies for insurance coverage and create a cost estimate to cover all of the necessary labor and materials to properly restore your roof. Then, we’ll get everything over to your adjuster and advocate for you in the insurance claims process by:

  • Identifying code requirements and items the adjuster may miss.
  • Reviewing the loss sheet provided by the adjuster.
  • Comparing settlements to the real costs of repair.

We Offer Financing and Payment Plans

For added convenience and peace of mind, we can provide financing options. It’s easy to get started — all you have to do is click here to apply today! You’ll be taken to our third party financing company that will walk you through the process step-by-step. Get your damaged roof taken care of sooner rather than later. So, get started today!

If you don’t need financing, you can still pay for your roofing project by credit (a small 3% fee will be applied). Everything is online, so it’s really easy. Just click here to make your payment.

Our Process

Saint Louis Residential Roofing works with you to identify and meet your needs. Each project follows the same general timeline after your first call:

01 Consultation

We’ll sit down with you in a meeting to understand the problem that needs to be addressed – taking into account the age of your roof, past maintenance, previous leaks, budget and timeframe.

02 Inspection

Our team will examine the materials, areas of saturation and design considerations for your roof. Then, we’ll prepare a cost estimate that meets your needs, including options for financing.

03 Discussion

We’ll show you our recommendations for good, better and best alternatives for replacements and repairs. Plus, we can provide budgets for the various alternatives before you make your decision.

04 Decision

You can choose the option that you believe is the best value for your situation.

05 Pre-Construction Planning

Once you accept our estimate, Saint Louis Residential Roofing will schedule a material delivery date and review installation day procedures and timelines.

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A photo of a three-pointed roof with brown shingles and red brick
After a nasty storm, I was worried my insurance wouldn’t take my claim. The St. Louis Residential Roofing team put me at ease and quickly helped me through the insurance process. Thank you Chris and Rob — my new roof is beautiful!
— Jennifer, St. Charles
St. Louis Residential Roofing changed my view on roofing companies. From start to finish, they made the process simple. I met with them once and they took it from there.
— Tom, St. Louis
We appreciated St. Louis Residential Roofing’s honesty after their inspection of our roof, and the weather report they sent was amazing. We would definitely recommend Rob and Chris and the company they represent.
— Tom and Andrea